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Border Buddy Saturday - Spread the Joy!



Hello Stampers from North and South!

Today is Border Buddy Saturday with Patsy and Alison and I'm thrilled to be posting my very first post here on Patsy's Blog.  For my customers you can read about my buddy Patsy here.


This Week's Border Buddy Share!



While I was at Founder's Circle I received two lovely cards using an image I hadn't noticed before.  That got me thinking that maybe you hadn't noticed it either.  These two cards were created by Lyssa Griffin Zwolanek and Lynsay Mahon.







  Download Supply List & Measurements for Spread the Joy Card



The stamp set is called Spread the Joy (#134784 (c) and #134781 (w)) and here's how this set came to be:

Spread the Joy, by Emily M. from the Stampin' Up! home office, is the first winning stamp set from In With You, our new stamp set design challenge beta program.

In April, Stampin' Up! employees were given the challenge to create a "bucket list" stamp set. Emily "wanted to make a set that could be versatile and usable for lots of different things." Employees fell in love with her design and voted the set to victory!

Stampin' Up! will be running ongoing contests and would love your participation! Join the fun at inwithyou.ideascale.com.

Isn't that cool?

If you are in the Canada, I would love to have you order your Stampin' Supplies from Me, Order Here! 

If you are in US, Order Here  from my Border Buddy, Patsy

Now you will have twice the inspiration!  Be sure and check out.... 

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Happy Stamping!



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