My Stamp Room

Monday Matinee

I love to see other stampers stamping rooms, so today I thought I would share mine.  When we picked out plans to build this home,  I had this room picked out for my stamping room.  The first few years we lived here it was a little formal sitting area that we seldom used.  I had my stamping stuff in the basement where my classroom space is, while it was convenient my heart always was in this room with the lovely window with a view. 

Many of you know that while my Mom battled ovarian cancer she lived with us until her passing.  She loved to watch me stamp and so we moved my stamping stuff into the sitting room so we could spend time together while I worked and stamped.  Each day I continue to feel her presance in this room, she was and still is one of my biggest cheer leaders in my business.

So without further ado here is a tour of my room.

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I think on of my favorite things about stamping is finding new containers and organizational things for my stampin' room.  Constantly rearranging which always keeps me on my toes and wondering where did I put that.  Someday will everything find its perfect spot, never to be moved again?  I am sure not as some new tool or container will come out that will be more perfect than the last. 

Many of you already know that this past month my Mom moved in with us, which left us going through a lifetime of possessions.  It is a real eye opener that you work all your life to accumulate things and then towards the end you give it all away.  One of the items was the incredible 1946 desk it has lots of little compartments and cool dividers.  Behind the left door is an extension that pops up and out to give more stamping space (in past years used for a typewriter).  My mom was thrilled when I agreed to take the desk some things are hard to part with. 

Well that lead to another issue my punches.  These racks had been on my wish list for some time and now I "needed" to order them from IKEA .  They arrived in two days.

1 copy

2 copy

4 copy

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